Team PRUFTECHNIK Technology is more than just a group of people working together on complex IT, mechanical and electronic projects. It is a team of engineers, IT specialists and electronics who mutually appreciate competence, professionalism and perfectionism. These are people who perform their tasks with passion and find professional and personal satisfaction in solving hitherto unsolvable problems.

Relatively short project development cycle allows taking in the entire process and drawing satisfaction from seeing another product gaining recognition on the global market.

We respect our employees’ leisure and private life. In case of project delays we try and find the causes and try to balance the workload of the project team by providing support from other teams, which is made possible thanks to highly standardized development process.

We also take care of team integration by arrangement of sports events and social meetings. We hold company soccer  tournaments and attractive recreational trips. We put great emphasis on team work and efficient cooperation. We share our successes and together work to maintain our leading position in the market place.