Embedded devices

For over 10 years PRUFTECHNIK Technology has been implementing solutions for various embedded platforms: Linux, Windows CE, etc. These were in most cases individually tailored projects – the result of our work was a final product dedicated for a given platform.

Product development process consists of:

  • Project management
  • Adaptation of operating systems to current hardware platforms
  • User interface design
  • Application implementation
  • Quality assurance
  • Final product delivery

At each stage of execution project tasks are protected by our quality assurance and control system. So far we have finalized over 20 projects for 7 different hardware platforms. Next projects are on their way. Our products are widely recognized by clients worldwide, which is proven by numerous awards and honorable mentions.


ROTALIGN Ultra is a complete industrial measurement and machine alignment solution. It features wireless Bluetooth communication with sensors, printed reports and PC communication via USB or Ethernet.


  • Machine shaft alignment application
  • Flatness and straightness geometric measurement
  • Angle measurement
  • Alignment of steam and gas turbines
  • Dynamic machinery states monitoring

It is a comprehensive project encompassing all stages of development.



The latest PRÜFTECHNIK Condition Monitoring product designed for vibration measurement and machine conditioning monitoring enables simultaneous data collection from many vibration sensors and processes the signals in real time.

Important functionality:

  • RMS, signal spectrum, envelope spectrum measurement
  • Balancing module for 1 plane and 2 planes balancing
  • Measurement route function
  • Time-lapse vibration recording

Project execution covered takeover from previous team and its migration to the new platform. 



Measurement device built with accordance to ATEX norms, designed for operating in hazardous explosive environments. OPTALIGN smart introduced a new approach of licensing individual functional features of embedded applications. In 2007 the device was awarded the prestigious reddot design award.

Implemented applications:

  • Shaft alignment measurement
  • Straightness measurement
  • Pipe strain measurement

It is a comprehensive project encompassing all stages of development.