All our projects take advantage of skills and expertise of our staff. Each employee of PRUFTECHNIK Technology is a part of the team and takes active part in shaping the future of the company.

Knowledge and experience of our team plays a crucial role in all our enterprises. Our team consists of: 

  • Computer designers and analytics
  • Programmers
  • Quality assurance experts
  • Electronics
  • Mechanical engineers
  • CAD designers
  • Computer graphic designers
  • Technical writers

Team creation and project management is supervised by managing personnel – IT, mechanic and service project managers.

Integral with our project development process are the following instruments and technologies:

  • Analysis, design and object oriented programming
  • Languages: C++, C# , JAVA
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Linux operating system with Qt library ( mobile systems applications )
  • SolidWorks –CAD/CAM applications
  • HTML, PHP, JavaScript, XML, Flash, CMS

As a responsible employer we not only take care of our business goals but also stress the importance of individual development of our employees.

We make sure our team evolves thanks to:

  • Financing technical and personal trainings
  • Stimulating work environment
  • Team building activities and company events
  • Modern work tools
  • Fringe benefits

An individual training path is selected each year for every employee, who can choose courses from an available list or apply for financing from the company for an appropriate external course. We also have a program of internal courses for employees who are particularly interested in specific technologies.

As an employer we try to create a friendly and effective work environment by providing access to relevant tools, implementing proper personnel management standards and ensuring competitive remuneration. We encourage open communication, self-reliance and friendliness at the work place in order to assist personal development in a friendly atmosphere.

Appropriate remuneration is also very important to us. We take care of the  financial attractiveness of career at our company by systematical adjustment to  the existing job market. Salary is augmented by a social package, which includes group insurance, financing sport and recreational activities, foreign language courses, etc.

We will welcome into our team, people who:

  • hold technical college level education
  • have good English knowledge
  • possess good team-working skills
  • can learn quickly
  • are open and communicative.

Why would you want to work for us?

  • We are an innovative company offering hi-tech industrial solutions
  • We work with the latest in technologies
  • We care about good work environment
  • We invest in development of our employees